Customer Relationship Management

If your customers are important to you ...

Shouldn't you be working on the relationship!

Regular Contact:

Customers are busy people, and they don't care about you. Show you care about them. Your database is the key - but do you get time to use it?

SMS - Regular Messages:

Regular SMS messages keep your business 'top-of-mind'. But messages must be relevant and useful - and avoid breaking anti-spam laws. You need the right rate, using the right techniques. Very effective, but too hard in a busy business. We do it for you!

Regular Email Messages:

We all look at the emails that interest us. So keep your messages relevant. Those who need to buy will learn to buy from you. But how do you send a couple of thousand emails - all specifically personalised. Our experience is there to do it for you!

Generating Attention, and Avoiding 'Spam':

Create attractive, attention-getting emails and make a real impact. Avoid breaking the anti-spam laws. How do you do that? You can learn by your own mistakes - or use an experienced and ethical provider, like 'My Red Zebra'

Regular Reasons to Buy:

This is a tricky art. Show people you are really good value, but don't devalue your offers. Don't you want to make use of thirty years of experience? We have years of doing it right.

My Red Zebra can make the right difference in your business!

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