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The team at McNicol Williams Management & Marketing Services is proud to bring you the 'My Red Zebra' consulting program. Here you can see the skills and experiences the team places at your disposal to multiply the effectiveness of your hard work.



Max Williams is founder, and Principal Consultant

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Jennifer Waterman applies and delivers our financial analyses

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Max Williams

Principal Consultant

Max built this management and marketing practice using his background of general management, strategic marketing, business and organisation restructuring, and engineering. His particular strengths lie in identifying the critical elements in complex situations, and developing strategic solutions that really work.

A Councillor in the former City of Ringwood in Melbourne's eastern suburbs, Max was elected Mayor in his first term, negotiating the redevelopment of Ringwood's city heart.

Max holds a Bachelor of Engineering, Adelaide University, and Graduate Diploma of Marketing with finance studies, Monash University, became a Fellow of the IREE, and is Trained Trainer.


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Tanya Ritson

HR and On-Line Marketing Assistant Consultant

Tanya joined our team in October 2011 providing support to our clients between consultations, and administering our on-line shopping portal.

She has managed call centres at Fosters, TeleTech and Commander, and worked with Deloitte Consulting in Call Centre operations and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Here Tanya supported clients like ATO, (New Zealand Dairy Group based in Hamilton NZ) and Rogers Communications (Canada).

Her expertise covers both technology and people management, and she is qualified with Certificates in Management, Call Centre Management, and Assessment & Workplace Training.


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Jennifer Waterman

Accounting Officer

Jennifer joined our parent organisation, McNicol Williams in 1993, and has seen practice develop from its infancy. With her degree in accounting, backed up with sound knowledge of the practical administration, book keeping and cash management aspects of small enterprises, she has helped create the accounting tools central to the development of all our programs.

Today Jennifer is the key figure in applying the My Red Zebra financial analysis tools, and delivering our financial analyses to our clients web space in their own 'My Red Zebra Member Zone'.

Importantly, Jennifer maintains a tight administrative role in our office, and as well, she keeps our own accounts on track.


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Samil Turnali

Associate Consultant - Turkey

Samil comes from a background of solid management experience in some of he world's best recognized companies.

Adding to his understanding of good management practices, Samil has built an import/export business from the ground up, in true KOBI tradition. In his consulting capacity, he advises small importers on customs and tariff matters. Now, Samil is translating this management and marketing skill and understanding into KOBI (SME) companies in various industries across Turkey.

He is particularly experienced in brand development and brand positioning, differentiating products in a complex market, and integrating new-hire employees into their positions in a way that maximizes their productivity and long term satisfaction.


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And other specialty practitioners as Associates.