Working With My Red Zebra

Here is how we work with you to produce exceptional results

  • Expect to develop a trusting relationship with your advisor
  • Trust takes time, and it does involve taking something of a risk

  • Deliver information in a timely manner
  • If information is held back, or delayed, good results are in jeopardy

  • Involve your advisor in your decision making
  • For every part of your business - there are unexpected links to other things

  • Anticipate challenge and change
  • Nothing improves unless you do something you would never have done before

  • There is no "silver bullet"!
  • These are top level management tools and support. It takes time to make a difference

  • Take the program seriously
  • Those who do achieve outstanding results

  • These tools and resources embody the experience of almost than 40 years
  • It will take several visits here. Don't expect to get across it all at one sitting

  • You don't need any of this to survive
  • But being the best takes a little more. This much more

  • This website covers all the My Red Zebra resources
  • Browse the site, and see how deep your access to extra resources really is

  • Expect Results in time
  • For one, net profit from $40,000 to $400,000 took three years - for another, sales from $3 M to $12M took three years


If all that sounds reasonable - Contact us!