10 Really Good Reasons

To Use 'My Red Zebra'

Most businesses have never had the benefit of services like My Red Zebra. So, naturally, you'd like to know why you should be one of that select group. Here are ten really good reasons why you should!


Good Management Takes Time

Don't confuse "management" with "administration". Administration takes time, and lots of it, but it is not "management". Maximising your opportunities, keeping the cash working, and growing for the future all take planning. Then you have to put those plans into effect. That takes time too, and lots of it. Larger business have five or six people who do nothing but this kind of planning, but that's not you, is it?

My Red Zebra multiplies your time for managing.

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Distance Lends Perspective

We all get too close to our own problems. My Red Zebra staff are all interested in your business, but we are not "involved". That means we have a chance to get a balanced perspective on what your issues are.

My Red Zebra can help you find solutions. Quickly and effectively.

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You Can Measure It, You Can Manage It

No-one can manage without information. For many smaller businesses, the cost of gathering all the information you need is too high, and it takes too much time. Decisions are made on "gut-feeling". Often little better than a hunch.

My Red Zebra management tools give you the facts to make sound decisions, easily.

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Using our highly developed "Full Value Pricing" program, you will find a new competitive edge, and new profitability. Your profits will steadily grow, as long as you take the steps we recommend.

My Red Zebra keeps you competitive, and makes you more profitable.

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Recruiting Support

Often think about how long it takes to recruit someone? What about the issues surrounding their employment conditions? We can do the hard slog in your recruiting campaigns.

My Red Zebra consultations provide skilled support when you need it.

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Marketing to Make Money

Ever had a visit or a phone call from the local radio or TV station, with a "very special offer"? Perhaps a prospecting call from the local press or your local printer? Our programs let you decide what is best for you, and we create marketing programs based on the financial needs of your business.

With My Red Zebra, your marketing plan is profit driven.

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Top Shelf Advertising Design

Whether it's print or electronic media, My Red Zebra has the skilled help available to give you the very best in advertising design. Ad production is never cheap, but we can supply a range of material from good and economical, to utterly superlative!

My Red Zebra makes sure you look your best!

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Continuous Improvement

A strong future comes only with careful attention to continuously improving what you do. Otherwise, someone else will! And take your customers, or at least some of them. How can you keep up the pressure on this vital aspect of your future growth?

My Red Zebra consultations keep you abreast of the best.

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Debt Collection? No Worries

Collection of slow debts can be a real problem, particularly if not acted on quickly. We can collect when you don't have time, and we recommend a top class, affordable debt collection agency for the real problems.

My Red Zebra cares about your cash.

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You can't be sure you're good enough, unless you know how well you stack up to others in the business.

My Red Zebra operates benchmarking programs across industry groups. Totally confidential. Very informative.

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Working with My Red Zebra is a long term commitment. You will see the growth you always wanted. Expect your investment in My Red Zebra to be returned many times over!

So, click here to contact us now!