Plan Your Business

Get the Return You Need!

Business Planning is easily, and often, misunderstood. It is often thought that business planning takes too much time for SME's. But there is much more to it than that!

First, you will plan to do things to improve your business every year. The Red Zebra budget tool will deal with that for your daily business on a year-to-year basis. Go Straight To the 'Budget' Page

Second, you will plan to invest in in new equipment, new facilities, new fit-outs, and the like. You will need to make sure each of these plans is financially sound.

Choosing which of these is the best value is not easy. But you will want to do first the things with the greatest return!

In some circumstances, one of your plans might not be financially sound and actually reduce your wealth.

The My Red Zebra suite of management tools includes a 'Return on Investment' analysis, to measure and compare the financial benefits of each and every new investment you propose.

Using the 'Internal Rate of Return' technique, the My Red Zebra analysis gives a clear indication of what will work - and what will not!.

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