BizMap Business Mapping

Management at its most incisive.!

Then there is BizMap - a financial analysis tool to show which parts of your business are doing well, and what's dragging you back. More than you'll ever see from a conventional accounting package.

When you have a multi-part business, it is almost impossible to identify which parts are doing well, and which parts are being "carried". Of course, your accounting package can give you the sales and a lot of the expense data for each part. What you can't get is the extent to which there is 'cross-subsidy' between each of your activities.

With My Red Zebra BizMap you get a thoroughly detailed reading of what each part of the business is contributing. You have the opportunity to correct the balance. The opportunity to get every part working well.

Sometimes a part you thought was doing well, is really dragging back everything else. Best to know right away, so you can fix that! It can be big money. One client ignored the results - and a cool million leaked away! Wow!

BizMap is the core of the suite of 'My Red Zebra' management tools.

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