Build a Budget

Plan to Succeed

Overall, a privately owned business of most types should achieve a return of at least 10% to sales, 12% shows real long term prospects, and 15% is achieved in special cases. Sadly, many small and medium businesses we see are achieving only 5% or less.

You will plan to do things to improve your business every year. The Red Zebra 'BizPlan' budget tool puts all your improvement plans into figures. It helps you build your budget.

Simply. Easily.

Once you have built a budget, it is easy to keep track of how you are travelling against your plan to grow

Where would you like to be? We can take a sounding of the present health and achievements of your business, and then help you put in place a straightforward, down to earth plan, complete with budget. Later, we will use the 'BizMon' Business Monitoring Tool to keep watch on progress.

The BizPlan budget is at the very heart of planning to maximize your commercial outcomes. For every case, the conditions are different, so there is no "typical" budget.

Here is a sample to show the form your BizPlan budget will take.

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